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About This Game:

Do you hate your friends? No? Do you wanna? Well who cares, this is Samurai Smash!

Using the skills developed over countless hours of gaming, button-mash your way to victory in 1v1 duels by burning through a list of buttons where every success is rewarded and every failure punished.


Gotta Go Fast!

Playing is simple: Buttons go from top to bottom, beat your opponent to the end, don't screw up. Test your knowledge of controllers by challenging your friends to duels which last seconds, and win by being the best (or least worst. I'm a developer, not a cop).

Up, down, left, right, how many controller types?

Samurai Smash supports DualShock3, DualShock4, XBox360, and XBox One gamepads, though work is ongoing to include dance mat support and controller remapping functionality. These inputs can be mixed and matched as desired, so you don't have to worry about not having enough of the right kind of controller. If your gamepad is currently not supported, please let me know what gamepad you have and I will add support as soon as possible.

Modes on modes on modes, man:

Challenge your friends to multi-round duels to the death, 20 second time trials where stamina is tested, or the panic-inducing mess that is the 'Shared' game mode. Seriously, I've had exams leave me less panicked than that last one.

In development:


What's better than winning at video games? Doing so well that you get more video game! Beating your opponents will soon earn you ranks which unlock new levels and characters. The only thing cooler than duelling samurai are duelling samurai with laser swords (or like, a T-Rex with miniguns for arms, I guess).

Online Multiplayer:

Do you want to show that random in chat that you do know where the 'use' button is on your controller? Well, our team of hyper-intelligent [source?] space-otters are currently working on online multiplayer support for just that reason!


This is an in-development build of the Samurai Smash pre-alpha and is subject to change at any time. This version of the game may be unstable, and I would appreciate any bugs being reported either on this page or via Twitter (@Prometheus110 or @OtterspaceGames).

Controllers Supported

  • DualShock4
  • DualShock3
  • XBox360
  • XBox One

Install instructions

Unzip the files to your desktop or preferred location.


Samurai Smash (alpha version 1.5.3) 35 MB

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