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Samurai Smash (Alpha)

Fight your friends in this 2-player local multiplayer game where speed and accuracy mix to deadly effect! · By Otterspace Games


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June 16th – Special Announcement!
Hey all, I haven’t had much of a chance to work on this game since my last update due to getting carried away on a side project, but I do have some big news...
June 5th - Abilities, UI Improvements, and bugs
Heya, Among other things I've been working on since my last update , I've been working flat out on implementing game-changing powers, improving Samurai Showdow...
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Samurai Showdown – May 21st
Hey all, So first thing's first. Since my last update , I've put a tonne of work into Samurai Showdown, and you can now find the latest version on Itch.IO...
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